Paxton Pits Nature Reserve: The Mosquitoes Drove Me Out!

On my first trip to the UK, I spent about a week in Cambridgeshire, in a little village called Little Paxton. I was visiting my friend Alexandra, and she was my guide on all the trip in the region. She took me to London, Cambridge, and even later drove all the way to Dumfries with me. Of course, one of the first things we explored was Little Paxton and the larger adjoining St. Neots, which is absolutely gorgeous, also full of pubs. Not kidding, you can’t walk for more than ten steps without seeing a pub. Or at least it seemed that way to me because Alexandra kept pointing them out πŸ™‚

Of all the Little Paxton sight, the Paxton Pits Nature Reserve was by far my favorite. Even if I got caught up in a guerrilla attack from the local mosquitoes that eventually drove me out sooner than I would have wanted to! Why did I go to a nature reserve that’s mostly made up of 77 hectars of lakes, meadows, forests, and grasslands? Well, because I can be act like an idiot at times and it had been so cold before our visit that I didn’t think the little buggers were alive and well.

To get to the reserve, we pretty much crossed the street, walked onΒ a neat little path that had the feeling of a secret corridor.

Paxton Pits Nature Reserve 8

We got a little bit distracted by the Little Paxton sights on the way. I mean there’s a river that goes directly under this building I am staying at and then it turns into this lake, can you blame us?

Paxton Pits Nature Reserve 4

Like any good visitors, we stopped to check out the map, and figure out where we were going. Now, if you stick to the trail and your purpose is to explore the area, then you can get together a nice walk of about six kilometers. We didn’t do that, we just took a photo of the map for posterity and just headed wherever we felt like it.

Paxton Pits Nature Reserve 3

We met a few people on the way, but not that many. It was mid-June, it was a sunny but not very warm day, and it was a week day. So other than a few people walking their dogs and a couple of families with kids, it was pretty much deserted. My favorite visitor was by far a little girl that insisted on sharing her love of slimy things with us. She boasted about touching a frog, and that’s what prompted the declaration. Apparently frogs and lizards and other slimy stuffs are the best ever!

Paxton Pits Nature Reserve 7

Luckily, the water lilies ware in bloom and we took our time admiring them. I haven’t seen so many in the same place since I was a little kid, to be honest, so I was thrilled by the view.

Paxton Pits Nature Reserve 9

We had initially planned to spend at least a couple of hours walking around, taking photos, and generally goofing off, but after the first hour, I was starting to feel the mozzies πŸ˜€ I am a city girl, but I’ve had my share of river side vacations where the mosquitoes would try to eat you alive. See, I am used to the local, Romanian, variety. Which means, the mosquito allergy I’ve inherited from my dad does not act up much.

Well, these were new ones, and after the first three stings, I was itchy all over. My skin around them was red and swollen. As always, Alexandra looked incredulously at me. If it weren’t for the clear signs on my skin, she would have not believed me. Why? Because I am the perfect mosquito repellent for whoever is with me. They all flock him like I’m their favorite meal πŸ˜€


Paxton Pits Nature Reserve 5

I did put on a brave face and tried my best to deal with the need to scratch myself bloody, but after another fifteen minutes, we decided to head back. Our walk still took almost two hours, but the last twenty minutes or so were murder!

Paxton Pits Nature Reserve 6

The lesson is trust in mosquito spray or cream or any repellent you can find. Don’t think you’re being smart and know when the little demons are out and about! Better safe than sorry πŸ˜€ And the other conclusion is you have to visit the Paxton Pits Nature Reserve if you’re in the area. It’s beautiful, it’s refreshing and relaxing, and it works great to walk your pet or enjoy a picnic. Or maybe bring a book to read or your laptop to let nature inspire you to write.

Paxton Pits Nature Reserve, United Kingdom. The Mosquitoes Drove Me Out! Paxton Pits Nature Reserve, United Kingdom. The Mosquitoes Drove Me Out!

20 thoughts on “Paxton Pits Nature Reserve: The Mosquitoes Drove Me Out!

  1. The Paxton Pits Nature Reserve looks gorgeous! I’d definitely have to pack plenty of mosquito repellent. Those little buggers seem to think my daughter is the tastiest treat around.

    1. Ha, so your daughter and I are alike. It’s fun that I at least am a good repellent for my friends πŸ˜€

    1. There is never a strong enough repellent πŸ˜€ I find it harder to deal with the bites when it’s in a new place and I am not used with that type of venom. Luckily, where I live they spray the area in the summers. Otherwise I’d have a real hard time in the summer.

  2. There’s nothing worse than mosquitos, especially if you’re not prepared for them. Tby the time you finish your walk you could be eaten alive.

    1. Yup, happens to me too at times :S And I am there with you, it’s worth bearing it for as long as you can.

    1. I was glad I got a chance to visit. And the discomfort was worth it πŸ˜€ We got home, I felt better, the memories remained πŸ˜€

  3. It’s too bad you didn’t get to enjoy your walk. The pictures are great. Yes, mosquitos have a way of getting to you “especially if they are hungry.” Always be prepared with repellent.

    1. I’d add always know when mosquito season begins to your advice πŸ˜€ Cause the funny part is… I had repellent with me, just not on me (silly girl, I am).

  4. I know too well that bit about being the mosquito magnet for my hiking group! So painful and it was important to note that there are different kinds of the mozzies, as you called them. Lots of repellent goes with me anytime I’m someplace tropical, so I would’ve been miserable there too.

    1. hehehe, yeah, the Australians (and all the books by Australian authors I’ve read) are responsible for my use of mozzies πŸ˜€ Yup, they are not the same, not even on the same continent. And it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! A shame about the pests. Maybe a trip back during a better season or better armed with repellent!

  6. Wow. What a beautiful place for a weekend trip! Is it easy to get around the town? The idea of pubs all around means a bunch of lively citizens which is a wonderful thing to look forward too!
    Also, is there a chance that boats can be rented out or little canoes even?
    Thanks for the tip regarding the mosquitoes!

    1. Little Paxton is tiny, and we only drove around there and to St Neots. I imagine it’s easy to walk to most places, as it felt like no time at all in the car.

      I am not sure about boats. I didn’t see any (and imagine they might damage the lilies in some parts), but honestly didn’t even think of asking or checking.

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