Next Trip: Mixing Business and Pleasure in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate Berlin

I love spontaneous travel. I’ve been on a couple of unplanned road trips this year which started with “hey, let’s go on a weekend trip this weekend” or “come over for a barbecue and fun with the dogs.” But I love planned trips just as much. Those trips I look forward to and book in advance and have the plane and hotel and activities sorted out. And this time, this time I will pack in advance, not the night before! That last bit about packing, that’s where I always fail 😀 But not this time, I think. I hope?

Anyway, on June 9 I will wake up at an ungodly hour to drive myself and the boyfriend to the airport. We have a 6 am flight… Yeah, I know, but hey, I get a full day in Berlin so I’ll sleep when I’m dead or something. We’ll probably make it to our hotel around 8 in the morning drop our bags and go explore till our room is ready.

This is what I call a hybrid trip: two days of exploring as a couple or in a group (some of my friends will be there starting June 10), and another two days of Euro Pride Con, which is an author conference for LGBT literature. Which I write, among other things, check out my gay fiction/gay romance publisher if you want to know more about that.

This will be a trip just for humans, so in case you were wondering, this is what preparing for this trip entailed so far:

What I’ve planned / sorted out

  • Decide where to leave the dog – I ended up with the usual, he’ll be staying home with my mom.
  • Have someone walk him – I have a friend who also has a dog. And a son who adores Ares. They will be taking him on his daily walks.
  • Make sure Ares has food and treats (will do another check right before I go).
  • Buy tickets, book hotel, order copies of my book.
  • Clear schedules and plans with my author friends and with event organizers.
  • Going insane trying to figure out what to choose for the reading I am doing.
  • Go even crazier over the fact that I might be part of a panel again, and even if this is no longer my first author event, I am still super terrified.
  • Think of what promo materials I have to print. Change my mind a few times.
  • Research Berlin and go through 48 hour guides and weekend guides.
  • Discover I need to buy like… real luggage because I can’t pack as I normally do when I shove everything into my car. Or like I pack when I only take a carry on for a shorter trip.

What I still need to figure out

  • Cab ride from and to the airport – apparently you can book them.
  • Figure out what’s closer to the hotel – I know the Berlin Zoo is and I am sure there were more landmarks nearby.
  • Talk to the boyfriend about what we want to see apart from the wall and the nearby zoo.
  • Slot some time to hug my precious books which will be delivered to the hotel by my publisher (one of them is recently released and I haven’t seen it in print yet).  Yes, I know I’m weird 😀
  • Continue to worry about my event outfits, what I’m actually reading, what Ill be saying at the panel…

So, if you have suggestions, advice, and details about Berlin to share, feel free to comment or drop me a line. Also, wish me luck 😀

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