Six Great Reasons to Visit Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Closeup of the Fortress, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Some travel destinations grab you and never let you go. Those amazing places, through a mystery I can’t explain, put a spell on you and have you return time and time again. For me, Veliko Tarnovo, a mountain resort in Bulgaria, is one of those places. It gained its fame in medieval times as the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire. Spread over three hills– Tsarevets, Trapezitsa, and Sveta Gora– and overlooking the Yantra river, the “City of Tsars” greets you with beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and amazing food. The architecture, street art, and shopping just add to the overall atmosphere that is unique to Veliko.

Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

My first drive through Veliko was on an eventful night – my first time driving the Mushroom (that’s my car) abroad. We were driving through Bulgaria on our way to Istanbul where we were going to spend New Year’s Eve. We stopped at a beautiful hotel for a quick break and an attempt to get directions. I remember thinking I’d love to come back and explore Veliko Tarnovo during the day. And so I did, years later, a few times. Just to make sure, you know! And just to be extra sure I am thorough, I plan to go again. If you’re wondering why you should visit (and why I can’t seem to stop going there), here are my top reasons to book a trip to Veliko Tarnovo right now:

Rich History and Culture

Famous for being the capital of a medieval Bulgarian empire that lasted for about three centuries, Veliko Tarnovo was one of the cultural centers of Europe during that time. The painting and architecture style of the Tarnovo Artistic School are world renowned, and so were the literary masterpieces created here. The buildings, in the old part of town, the fortress overlooking Veliko, they will all mesmerize you. I particularly love walking on the narrow, cobbled streets of the city in the evening, after a delicious dinner. If you travel in the summer, there are gelato stands everywhere. And the gelato sold here is to die for! Cheap too, just so you can’t help yourself.

The Monument of the Asens, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
The Monument of the Asens, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Great Hotels that Won’t Break the Bank

Hotels in Veliko come in all shapes, locations, and sizes. Some of them are exquisite, the boutique hotels are boldly decorated, and the larger ones will take you on a trip down Communist memory lane. They are all comfortable, breakfasts are usually included in your room rate, and prices are more than reasonable, even during high season. It’s not that difficult to find a double room for around EUR 50 at any time and with as little as two days’ advance booking. Yup, did that a time or two, booked last minute. My favorite hotel is Concorde. I’ve booked it numerous times because of the red or purple decor in their VIP rooms. The Jacuzzi tubs, complementary champagne, and the Mojitos at the top floor bar might have also played a part in that decision.

Lick-Your-Fingers Delicious Food

Restaurants in Veliko Tarnovo are simply magnificent! The local dishes, anything else they cook from other European or Turkish cuisines, it’s just all so delicious, lunch and dinner should both happen a few times a day. The food is cheap, even at the higher priced restaurants. I once went there on a trip around my birthday and took three friends out for a meal.  The price for a the whole deal (two courses for each of us, and lots of drinks) was about EUR 40. The local beer is also amazing.

Zagorka Beer, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Zagorka Beer, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

When it comes to restaurants, I do have an absolute favorite – Shtastlivetsa. I know, I know, hard to pronounce!It’s on the main street, as you walk from the city hall towards the fortress, on your right. I remember being amazed by the amount of dishes on their menu. There were two pages of salads (about fourty different types), traditional Bulgarian dishes (including lots of guvech varieties which they served in a still sizzling pan), Italian dishes, French treats, and every type of vegetable and meat you can think of. And their garlic bread? To die for, I tell you 😀 Wash it all down with Zagorka for a taste of local beer, and you’ll have a perpetual smile on your face. Just be aware that some dishes might take a while, especially when the restaurant is full. They have a couple of floor inside, plus the terrace, so you might end up waiting for over an hour. Either go after lunch/dinner rush, or go before you reach the “I’m starving” point.

Duck with Carrots & Garlic Bread at Shtastlivetsa, Veliko Tarnovo
Duck with Carrots & Garlic Bread at Shtastlivetsa, Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo’s Dramatic Landscapes

Whether you visit the citadel, look down on the city from the many vantage points, or simply drive around, you’ll be mesmerized. You’re surrounded by mountains to start with, and the river and three hills that make up Veliko’s location further build on the scenery to take your breath away. The season doesn’t really make much difference. There’s always something beautiful to catch your eye.

View of Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria
View of Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria

I won’t be caught dead driving in Bulgaria during winter again, but it makes for a true snowy wonderland. My reason to avoid it? Well, let’s just say I drove through a freaking blizzard on my way back from Istanbul one year and it was a bit traumatic. Enough so that I avoid driving when it snows at all costs. So, my advice? Forget how gorgeous it all looks, don’t drive unless you are an expert in blizzards in the mountains. Fly in and take a bus or something.

Closeup of the Fortress, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Closeup of the Fortress, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

The Street Art

You blink, and new street art pops up. Or at least it seems so, as with every visit to Veliko Tarnovo, there’s more street art to discover. And I mean art, big endeavors that always have me stop in my tracks to admire them. No random tags or spray painted names, but beautiful drawings adorning the walls of buildings, passages, and stairways. Unfortunately, I managed to lose  quite a few snapshots of Veliko’s amazing street art.  Not all of them though!

Street Art in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Street Art in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Shopping Heaven

I love shopping in Veliko Tarnovo. You’ll find anything, from international brands like Hush Puppies, Dika, Nike, or Adidas (it is a Slavic, ex-Communist country after all, we love our Adidas stripes!), to local chain or artisan shops (leather work, handmade cosmetics, handmade jewelry, etc) that are perfect to hunt for a souvenir. The prices, as for everything in this city, are reasonable. Hunt for discounts if you can, and take your time discovering the local and imported brands.

Lion Statue, Veliko Tarnovo
Lion Statue, Veliko Tarnovo – The Lion is also present on the flag and coat of arms.

Of course, there are bars, clubs, parks, and lots of monuments to explore as well, and those I’ve listed are just the top reasons to give Veliko Tarnovo a go. For a bit of a fun fact, you’ll spot a lot of nice looking cars and bikes on weekends, especially if there are weddings happening. They park in front of city hall, and then make a ruckus on the main streets. And teenage girls seemed to favor the same frizzy, big hair do for a few years in a row. It was quite heartwarming to come back to familiar places and people, and now that I’ve talked about it, I really, really need to go back! Who’s coming with me?

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Six Great Reasons to Visit Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

34 thoughts on “Six Great Reasons to Visit Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

  1. The street art is amazing! I wish you had added some more. I am saving up this info, if luck favors and I get to visit then this will be of great help.

  2. Veliko looks full of history and culture. I haven’t been to Bulgaria, but recently spent a length of time in Romania. I’m fascinated with the entire region. I’d love to visit and eat at your favorite restaurant, Shtastlivetsa. In the meanwhile, I’ll work on my pronunciation of it. 😉

    1. Jackie, it’s been years and I still mess it up 😀 Where did you go to in Romania? I’m really curious to know what you think of my home country 😀

  3. Wow you just added Bulgaria on our travel radar now! We have a friend who is from Bulgaria and have heard great things about it. Of course when there is cheap and good gelato, we’re sold 😀

  4. Bulgarian history is so mysterious. I’ve passed through Veliko Tarnovo once and visited the fortress but didn’t have much time to check out much else. It looks like I should have stayed longer!

  5. You’ve convinced me to visit Bulgaria. Yes, really! Veliko Tarnovo sounds fantastic and the pictures are gorgeous. Oh, and a hotel with complimentary champagne? I’m sold!

  6. I feel ashamed that I hadn’t even heard of it, but I can see why it would be a great place to visit. Love that combination of beauty, great architecture, history and great food. Also the fact that it sounds really good value – great stuff.

  7. I love visiting places that are so rich in history. And that don’t break the bank! lol Veliko, looks like a really great place to spend a few days. Thanks for letting us know about it!

  8. I have been to Bulgaria twice but each time to the seaside. I think I missed out a bit. I would love to do a little tour of the country once. How did you get on with the language? I can’t remember if they spoke English where I went…

  9. Even 50 Euro is quite the price to pay in some parts of Bulgaria. We were able to travel there in the summer time to Varna and pay 50 Euro for two nights! I love how affordable the country is. You’ve really captured the beauty of Veliko Tarnovo in your photos and storytelling.

    1. Yes, true! I picked an average price for a double room (for two, not single use), and the average – peak season and off season – would be around 50, breakfast for two included. Off season prices in Bulgaria are amazing sometimes. We once booked a Golden Sands hotel for two nights, two people in the room, with breakfast, for something like 30 EUR, and it was amazing!

  10. Thank you for a unique post on Bulgaria, I will have to add this to the list of places I have yet to visit. I love that it is affordable to stay and eat at also. And the photos of the old city look incredible.

  11. Bulgaria sort of reminds me of Serbia. A beautiful place with beautiful people with tons of history that is underrated and hardly talked about. Great post and thanks for putting in back on my radar.

  12. The fortress looks amazing actually the whole area look amazing. We love old forts and castles. Maybe because there is none in Australia lol

  13. I’ve never been to Bulgaria and wasn’t really on my radar but after reading this I’ll definitely reconsider. I love discovering street art in each place I visit 🙂

  14. For me, I always get excited about street arts where ever I go. Really entertaining aside from the usual tourist spots. Thank you for sharing this.

  15. On our first visit to Bulgaria last year, we didn’t get a chance to go to Veliko Tarnovo (hard to believe but 3 months were not enough to check all worthy places). Definitely, need to go back to see more ;). Cheers!

  16. I had never even heard of Veliko Tarnovo and Bulgaria isn’t on my bucket list at all….HOWEVER, you may have sold me with the Cheap Eats & that DUCK! that looked so good and anywhere I can eat like a king for pennies on the dollar and then retire back to that fortress on the mount, well that sounds like a bucketlist adventure to me!

    1. It was super tasty! Confession time… it wasn’t the duck I wanted. They have another, more traditional duck dish which is in my opinion better 😀 But I can never find it on that huge menu!

  17. New to your blog, we’re in Veliko Tărnovo now with our dogs. I noticed this is a pet focused travel blog, but found no reference in this article of a pet. Can we take our dogs to the fortress?

    1. Sorry for the late reply, this was lost in spam for a while. I’ve never been to Veliko with a pet. I took him to the beach in Bulgaria, but that’s a different thing. I have no idea whether you can go to the fortress with a dogs, so please let me know if you’ve found out. I do remember there were a few options for hotels accepting dogs, but that’s about it.

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