6 Quick Tips for Easier International Pet Travel

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You might decide to take your pets abroad if you’re going on holiday, or you’re relocating and want to take them with you. It can seem like a stressful experience, but as long as you plan ahead, the journey can be hassle-free for both you and your furry friend. We’ve gathered six quick tips that will make your international pet travel experience easier. Check them out:

1. Get Pets Used to Their Transport

Most airlines want you to transport pets in crates. But not all cats and dogs are used to being in confined spaces, nor are they born nomads. It’s an experience they’ve got to get used to. You can find more information on getting your pets used to a crate, and remember to make their journey as comfortable as possible. If this means packing some creature comforts, such as their favourite toy, then make sure you do so.

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2. Don’t Overly Fuss Over Them

It’s likely travel abroad will mean you’ll be separated from your animal friend. But before any trip with your pet, no matter how tempting it is, you shouldn’t make a huge fuss of them. Animals can be highly sensitive and will pick up on any anxiety you have.

3. Plan Your International Pet Travel at a Comfortable Time

To ensure your pet has a comfortable flight, it’s best to avoid journeys during the middle of the day in the hot summer weather. Similarly, in the winter, it’s not a great idea to fly in the early hours of the morning when it will be cold.

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4. Organize Your Pet’s Paperwork

International pet travel typically involves a lot of paperwork including export and import papers, transit health certificates, permits and quarantine provisions. It’s also a good idea to book a health check with your vet prior to travelling.

5. Plan Accommodation

Not everywhere will accept pets, and places that do tend to get booked up in advance. To get somewhere nice, you’ve got to be proactive and book ahead of time. For some holiday inspiration for you and your four-legged friend, check out these pet-friendly destinations in Europe. You can even take your dog on a cruise liner in Norway.

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6. Consider Leaving Them at Home

Not every pet will cope with going abroad. You know your animals better than anyone else. If you have any doubts on taking them with you, try and find alternative arrangements at home. It’s not worth putting them through the experience if they’ll react badly.

Have you taken your pets abroad? Share your suggestions for hassle-free international pet travel with us.

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6 Quick Tips for Easier International Pet Travel

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