Pet Travel Blogger Profile: Meet a Nomad Family With Two Kids and Two Dogs

The Nomad Family with their Camper Truck

Hello, fellow pet-loving travelers. We have a new feature of travel bloggers who take their furry friends along on their trips. Meet our traveling family of the day – a couple with two kids and two large dogs.

We are an Expat family turned Nomads. In 2016, we left behind our life in Iowa, USA to live abroad in Ecuador. We brought with us our two young kids and our two big mutts.

Stephanie from 8 Duffels & 2 Mutts had a little chat with us and told us a bit more about their adventures.

Which was your first trip and how did you get hooked to travel?

I traveled frequently in the USA in my early twenties, but this phase of my life is centered completely around family travel. Our family moved abroad (including our 2 large dogs) just over a year ago to the South American country of Ecuador. Living in such a strange and beautiful place ignited an instant newfound wanderlust in all of us. We wanted to see every nook and cranny of this diverse. Little by little our curiosities kept growing. Now travel has become our life. In May of this year, we will being moving into a caravan as full-time travelers indefinitely.

Illinizas Volcano in Ecuador

Which are your favorite destinations that you would always go back to?

Since we are just beginning our extensive travels it is hard to say where we might revisit in the future. We still have a whole world to see!! But, we all love Ecuador so much that it hard to imagine we would never return. At the moment it seems entirely possible that we will return in the event that we tire of  full-time travel.

Which are the places you want to visit but haven’t gotten a chance to?

Everywhere! The desire to explore the world seems to have an exponential growth factor for us. We honestly dream of seeing it all, but we are not the bucket list type. We will go where the road leads us and for now, we are thrilled that our wheels and our feet will carry us through South America. We are looking forward to something in every country! The thought really isn’t about any place we haven’t seen, but rather WHEN we will see it 😀

Hiking on the Illinizas Volcano in Ecuador

What type of travel do you prefer (length, who accompanies you, which type of accommodation you prefer)?

I think we would be classified as long term, slow travelers. We are not in a hurry, but instead will be taking the time to soak up the culture and to discover lesser known destinations. In the passing months we have discovered that we have a special interest and passion for ecotourism and agrotourism. We travel everywhere as a family unit; 2 parents,  2 kids under 5, and our large (60 lbs each) dogs. Most of the time we prefer to camp at campsites, at hostels, or in the wild. Ocassionally we enjoy farm stays as well.Any place where we can park, that allows our dogs, and is kid friendly!

Dante and Joey
Dante and Joey

Any tips or lessons you’ve learned that you’d like to share?

When you travel with dogs  and/or kids don’t focus all of the places you can’t go. Instead find the places you CAN go. Traveling must be planned with them, rather than planning and then trying to fit them in later.  You’ll be surprised how many places will accept your dogs, if you just ask. Sometimes businesses or non-pet owners just never considered that some people might travel with their pets. When you do get accepted, leave behind a good legacy. Always clean up after your dogs, be considerate of typical quiet hours, and respect any boundaries and regulations that are set. Remember that the impression you make will surely influence the likelihood of other pets being welcomed in the future.

Thank you, Stephanie, for being here and sharing your adventures and tips with us! If you’d like to keep an eye on 8 Duffles & 2 Mutts’ adventures, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Pet Travel Blogger Profile: Meet a Nomad Family With Two Kids and Two Dogs

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