Pet Travel Tips: How to Survive Day at the Beach With Your Dog

Pet Travel Tips: How to Survive Day at the Beach With Your Dog

If your dog is anything like mine, they love water–swimming, running along the shore, playing and digging in the sand. However, to survive a a day at the beach with your dog, you might need a few tricks. Here are a few travel tips to help you out that I picked over a couple of years of seeing Ares enjoy the water in rivers and seas.

Which Beach to Travel to With Your Dog?

Whichever seaside resort you choose, there will be beaches or sections of beaches where dogs are allowed. However, the best beaches you can choose for you and your dog, are either those where people and their dogs generally hang out, or the emptier, secluded ones where you can let your dog roam free. If you ever travel to Romania, Sf. Gheorghe in the Danube Delta is a great destination for dog owners. The hotels and locals who offer accommodation are dog-friendly, the beaches are basically empty, and you’ll have a ton of fun.

dog sitting on the beach

What to Pack to Survive a Day at the Beach With Your Dog?

The first thing you need to do to make sure your day at the beach is fun and enjoyable is to bring everything you and your dog(s) need.

The Essentials

Make sure you pack the essentials – water for both of you, a water bowl, some food that won’t go bad. These are essential especially if you want to spend an entire day at the beach. Make sure there is plenty of water for your dog. They are going to be in a fun, open environment and the water will be a magnet. They will probably run a lot more than usual and will need food and plenty of water. Bringing along something to keep them cool would help – one of those bags you can get at the supermarket might do the trick, or something more fancy.

Dogs at the beach

Another important item is an umbrella. If you know for sure you can rent one on location, don’t worry about it. Otherwise, make sure you bring it. Neither you or your dog should spend an entire day under the sun. If there are trees around, those could work, but play it safe and bring along a beach umbrella.

Another essential – beach towels for both you and your dog. As my dog is huge (40+ kilos) and has quite a bit of fur, I prefer bringing microfiber beach towels because they are lightweight, very effective at absorbing water, and they dry up pretty fast. I bring a bunch of them because Ares doesn’t just sit around and get dry or stay away from me when he’s soaking wet. So I go through a few of them every time.

The Fun Stuff

You will have to keep your dog entertained. So make sure you bring along some dog toys. Preferably, the kind you can throw and that float. On one hand, it will keep your dog entertained and help them exercise. On the other hand, they’ll get tired enough to give you a breather.

dogs playing in the water

Stuff for you to enjoy is also important. A book, a game, something to keep you entertained if swimming with your pooch and chasing him on the beach is not enough.

Other Important Tips

While the essentials are all listed up there, here are some more tricks to make sure you survive a day at the beach with your dog.

  • Make sure your dog is safe at the beach and knows a few basic commands to survive the trip. Add to that a bit of research on vets in the area, including those offering emergency services. I’ve never had issues with Ares, but it’s better to be on the safe side.
  • Take loads of pictures of your dog! I haven’t taken very many when we were at he beach. I have about three or four and I’ve always regretted it. If you’re curious, you can see a few of them on my post about our last minute trip to the Bulgarian seaside.
  • Make plans that do not involve the beach – especially during lunch time and the really hot hours of the day. If you can get your dog into a cool place, maybe a dog friendly terrace where you can have a drawn out lunch, that would be great. Alternatively, find a park with lots of shade and return to the beach in the afternoon.

dog swimming

These are my suggestions for a fun day at the beach. If you have any other tips to help all of us when traveling to the beach with our dogs, please share them in the comments below!

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Pet Travel Tips: How to Survive Day at the Beach With Your Dog Pet Travel Tips: How to Survive Day at the Beach With Your Dog

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