Take Your Dog on a Haunted Hiking Trail

dog travel haunted hiking trail

There’s an urban legend that dogs can sense supernatural spirits. They will often bark at nothing or become very anxious, seemingly over nothing. However, dogs are fiercely loyal and protective. This makes them the perfect travel companion to take with you on a haunted hiking trail. This will make for an exciting walk for both you and your pet. Here are just a couple of examples for dog-friendly haunted trails.

Lost Dog Trailhead – El Paso, TX

This is one among several haunted hiking trails in Texas. As the name suggests, there have been reports of a shadowy, transparent dog figure wandering the trail. Some hikers have even heard barking noises despite there being no dogs around. If your dog is brave enough, this offers one of the only chances they will get to encounter a ghost of their own species.

This is a very popular hiking location for dog owners, but it shouldn’t be attempted by beginners. Dogs should be kept on a leash, as the rocky cliffs have dangerous dips. There are also no signs marking the way and a GPS signal is hard to find, so good map reading skills are essential. With great views of the Franklin Mountains, this is a beautiful and popular hiking location. Head out on weekdays when it’s quieter if you want to experience the eerie presence of supernatural beings.

haunted hiking trail

Prospector Road – Victorville, CA

This is a popular destination for many pets and their owners. However, you should proceed with caution. Several pets have been reported to mysteriously disappear at this location.

While still popular with hikers and drivers, a ghost is said to stand in the road and stop people from passing through. The ghost is described as a heavyset, thick bearded miner, who is guarding the gold that was once mined there. He was one of many murdered out of jealousy after bragging about his gold claim.

Taking your dog down this path is guaranteed to cause some anxiety. If you think your dog is as brave as you are and are willing to risk the appearance of a large, bitter ghost, then this is the perfect thrill-seekers hiking trail. Put on your hiking boots, but make sure they’re light enough to run in.

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Dogs crave new experiences and adventures. As a dog walker, you may feel bored of hiking the same trails and footpaths. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, a haunted hiking path offers an extra thrill and adrenaline burst for both dog and owner.

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Take your dog on a haunted hiking trail

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