Keep Your Cool: Surprisingly Temperate Dog Travel Destinations

Temperate Dog Travel Destinations

If there’s one thing a pet-friendly holiday needs, it’s reasonable temperatures. Dogs overheat with alarming ease, due in no small part to their inability to sweat efficiently so finding temperate dog travel destinations should be at the top of your list. If you want your dog to be comfortable when you travel, then it’s a basic rule: cool = good, heat = bad. 

Sadly, this rule means you have to strike out a huge number of destinations before you have even looked for holidays. You draw a red line over cities and countries that you automatically assume will be too warm, ensuring that you’re making the map smaller than you might hope.

However, there’s a chance that your preconceived notions about the temperature of a city or country might not be correct. Below are some destinations you might be tempted to write off as too hot for you and your pooch, but which are actually more reasonable than you might expect…

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Lesotho, Africa

Africa?” you’re probably thinking. “How can Africa possibly be a suitable place to vacation with a dog?”

While we all associate Africa with heat and deserts, there are some cooler areas if you know where to look. Lesotho is a country within a country; it sits nestled near the eastern coast of South Africa… and it’s cool. Due to its altitude, Lesotho experiences regular snowstorms in the winter months.

The best time to visit is around May, when the weather reaches highs of around 64F– perfect for long walks with your dog across the glorious rugged landscape. If you want to visit solo, then January is your best bet; you can bask in temperatures of around 82F.

Louisiana, USA

Louisiana is a hot state, particularly in the south– or so most of us assume. We might love the idea of heading to the captivating streets of New Orleans or the calmness of Lake Charles, but it’s not possible: it’s too hot for any sensible dog owner to consider taking their furry friend, right?

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Wrong; the winter months are surprisingly chilly; Lake Charles, only 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, has an average January temperature of 41F while New Orleans averages at 58F. More than suitable for a trip with your dog!

If you want to visit in summer, then it’s best to leave your dog behind– temperatures regularly top 100F. However, it’s well worth the trip if you do decide to go; take advantage of the Comfort Suites in Lake Charles and 5* New Orleans hotels to help you cope with the heat and humidity!


If it’s an island paradise you’re seeking, then you can’t go far wrong with Mauritius. Most people image this island in the Indian Ocean is hot and sunny all year round, so unsuitable for vacations with your dog– but there is a small window when your dog will be comfortable.

You’ll need to visit during July or August, the coldest months of the year for this southern hemisphere nation. The average temperature is still around 70F in August, but for an island paradise, this is incredibly reasonable. The warmest months are January and February, so avoid these, and you and your dog should be able to enjoy a unique break in comfort.

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So whenever you think you can’t take your dog to a country you assume is hot, think again! Find the right time to go, think of your favorite temperate dog travel destinations, and the entire world will open out before you.

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