Islands in the Sun: Plan a Long Trip to Indonesia

Bali Indonesia

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, it’s often something you do in the short-term. A week or two away from home, and then you have to get back to your usual responsibilities. Some people are lucky enough to be able to get away for longer, though. If you can travel for a few months or perhaps even longer, you have the choice of exploring one place in depth or going to a few different places. For somewhere to settle in and really get to know a new place, Indonesia is a fantastic choice. With its thousands of islands, you can’t run out of places to explore. It’s a vibrant and friendly nation too, and the perfect place to stay for a while.

Why Pick Indonesia for a Long Trip?

There are plenty of excellent reasons to choose Indonesia if you’re thinking of getting away for a couple of months. Firstly, it’s an incredible place to choose if you enjoy nature and you want to explore some of the local landscapes and wildlife. Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands, so there’s always somewhere new to check out. Another excellent reason to pick Indonesia is if you want to spend time getting to know the cuisine. It’s healthy and delicious, with plenty of variety, and you could learn some recipes to take home with you. If you want a relaxing destination, Indonesia, with its white beaches and remote locations, has to be one of the best places to choose. It’s very friendly to visitors too, with easy access to lots of services and tourism.

Bali Beach

How Long Can You Stay For?

Of course, if you’re planning a long trip, you want to know the maximum amount of time you can stay for. Most people enter Indonesia with a “Visa on Arrival”, which you can buy when you arrive in Indonesia (at certain designated points).  It doesn’t cost much and gives you up to 30 days in the country, which you can then extend to another 30 days. So that’s two months you could spend in Indonesia using the basic visas. That’s a fairly substantial trip, even if it’s not as long as some you could take.

However, if you’d like to stay longer, you might want to look into getting a social/cultural visit visa. This can allow you to stay for up to 180 days (around 6 months) – you start with 60 days and can extend it twice. To get one of these, you need a letter of invitation or sponsorship from an Indonesian citizen or resident (temporary or permanent permit), plus you need to provide some other paperwork and pay a visa fee.

If you decide to stay for a while and explore the many islands and their wildlife, make sure you bring your waterproof gadgets. If, like me, you enjoy listening to music while exploring a secluded beach or watching a sunset, try the xFyro waterproof earbuds. They’re wireless, perfect for people who enjoy dipping into the waves, and more so for the forgetful ones that tend to jump in the water with whatever they have on at the time.

What If You Want to Work?

When you’re on a longer trip, you might find that you need to work to support yourself. So what can you do if you want to work in Indonesia? Your best bet could be to look for opportunities while you’re planning your trip. One of the most popular things to do is work as an English teacher. If you want to work in Indonesia, you’re going to need a work permit. Fortunately, if you manage to find a job, the company that hires you can help you to get a permit. Most foreigners are hired by foreign companies who have helped out a lot of their employees.

Indonesia cityscape

Finding Accommodation

Staying in hotels and hostels might not be ideal if you want to spend a long time in Indonesia. Some people are happy to live in hostels for a while, especially because they’re so cheap. But you might want to look into a solution that’s better suited to a longer stay. Renting out an apartment for a few months could be a smarter idea if you want to settle in and be able to do things like cook for yourself. You can often find the best prices if you look at local sites like You’ll be able to look for somewhere to stay like the locals do, instead of getting overcharged like a tourist.

Getting Around

If you’ve decided to stay in one country for a while, deciding how you’re going to get around is a good idea. If you’re in a busy city, you can often use public transport or even just walk around. Getting around in Indonesia isn’t always easy, so you might want to think about how best to do it. The first thing you could do, though, is adjust your thinking. Delays are common with just about every form of transport, so it’s worth being prepared and not expecting your bus, train, boat or even flight to be on time. If you’re going to be in Indonesia for a few months, you might consider either renting a car or even buying a cheap one. There’s also the option of a motorbike or even cycling around.

Where Should You Go?

Don’t forget one of the most important questions: where in Indonesia should you go? There are a few approaches you could take, including staying in one place, traveling around, or setting up a base in one location and going on lots of day trips. If you decide you want to stay in one place, choosing your location should be based on what you want to do and what sort of environment you’re looking for. A big city like Jakarta will let you experience urban Indonesia, but a lot of people want to be somewhere a bit more relaxed. Bali is a popular location for relaxing vacations, although some might find it too popular. Many of Indonesia’s islands have unique things to offer, from the stunning Komodo National Park and Rinca Islands to the tropical Gili Islands. Consider your reasons for choosing Indonesia and what you want out of your trip.

Komodo National Island Dragon Park Indonesia

Settling in with the Locals

When you decide to spend a little longer exploring one place, you don’t necessarily want to spend the whole time feeling like a tourist. Blending in with the locals isn’t exactly easy, but you can still try to live like them for a more authentic Indonesian experience. Getting proper accommodation is one step you can take, and you could even consider a homestay with someone local. If you’re working or perhaps volunteering, you could get more connected with local life and culture. Another thing you can do is simply actively try to live like the locals. Seek out the places they enjoy, instead of following the tourist crowd.

Budgeting for Your Trip

Before you set off on an adventure for a couple of months, it’s worth working out a budget. If you’re lucky enough to get a job or you can work remotely, you’ll be able to take your income into account. But if you won’t be earning while you’re away from home, you’ll need to make the most of your savings. A good place to start working out how much money you’ll need (or how long it will be before your money runs out and you have to go home) is with your transport and accommodation. Getting there and having somewhere to stay are your two most crucial things.

Food and drink are your next essentials to take into account. Indonesia is on the cheap side in this respect, and in many others, especially if you cook for yourself. But you can just as easily eat super cheaply if you eat out all the time too. If you want to save on transport, getting your own mode of transportation will save you a good bit of money. And when it comes to activities, it all depends on what you want to do. Hiring a surfboard will hardly cost you anything, while a full tour is going to set you back more.

Indonesia is a fantastic place to pick if you want to stick around in one place for longer. Start getting organized soon if you want to plan a memorable trip.

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