Tips and Ideas for Active Seniors Who Travel With Pets

active seniors pet travel

Retirees have the time and money to travel and explore the world. While some seniors will happily travel with their partner, relatives, or friends, others opt to take their pet with them on their adventures. There are currently a lot of pet owners all over the world and in the UK, over 40% of households have a combined total of 57 million pets, while in the US, 41% of Americans aged 65 and older live in households with pets. Animals make great companions for the elderly whether at home or in an assisted living facility, and they also make the best travel buddies that anyone can have. However, you’ll need to do a bit of planning if you have your heart set on traveling with your dog or cat. Here are our top trends and tips for pet travel for seniors.

Seniors Pet Travel Trends

Traveling with pets has become simpler and more enjoyable in recent years as businesses are taking notice that more people are exploring the world with their pets. Europe is home to some of the best dog-friendly hotels, while dog cafes are gaining popularity in Japan and the US. There are also discounts and even loyalty programs for pet owners. Indeed, seniors and their pets can have a great time anywhere in the world as more establishments are welcoming cats and dogs. To make your travels go as smoothly as possible, here are a few tips and ideas for active seniors who want to travel with their pet.

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Bring your pet’s favorite toy

Some pets can get anxious when traveling. To help your cat or dog feel more comfortable or secure, take your pet’s favorite toy or blanket on the trip. Have a backup in case the blanket or toy gets lost or destroyed. A plan B for every situation will become your go-to trick if you want to perfect your pet travel for seniors skills.

Stop every once in a while

If you’re traveling by car, plan to make a few pit stops so you and your pet can rest and stretch. It’s advisable for seniors and their pets to stop every two to three hours for snacks, bathroom breaks, or a 5-minute walk just to enjoy the scenery.

Let your pet travel on a pets-only airline

For the ultimate travel experience, consider letting your pet fly on a pets-only airline. Airlines such as Pet Airways have climate-controlled cabins with individual crates, and after the flight, you get to reunite with your dog or cat at the pet lounge in participating airports.

pet travel for seniors


Be organized

Seniors should get their pet vaccinated before traveling. You should also have all the pet papers or documents on hand before leaving. Make sure that your pet wears an ID tag that has your contact information in case your pet gets lost during your vacation.

If your pet has never traveled before, consult your veterinarian to see if there are any health concerns that need to be addressed before you leave. Seniors should also consider if their pet can handle the stresses of travel. If your dog or cat is too young or not in good health, it may be best to leave your furry friend at home.

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