4 Tips to Have a Better New York Vacation

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About 60 million people typically visit New York in a year, and about 80 percent are on leisure trips. This tells us two things. First, New York is a great place to visit, and, second, it can get extremely crowded, especially during the holidays. A well-planned New York trip can be truly memorable, so how can a visitor make sure that they get the most out of it, without breaking the bank?

1. New York City is Much More Than Just Manhattan

New York is a massive city, but it’s made up of many small communities within its five boroughs, each of which has its own character. For example, Brighton Beach is heavily influenced by Russia and Eastern Europe, whereas Cobble Hill has a more Franco-Italian feel. Exploring some of these neighborhoods will give you an impression of the real New York.

2. Get Away From the Crowds in Syracuse

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Of course, you’ll want to see the bustling city on your New York trip, but you’ll probably enjoy your visit a lot more if you spend at least some of your time staying in Syracuse. A flight of just over an hour’s duration will get you there from New York City, and you’ll find more opportunities to spend time outdoors, visiting attractions like Onondaga Lake Park, which has walking trails as well as entertainment for the family like a playground and a skate park.

Time your trip carefully to get the best hotel deals, perhaps considering a visit during the snowy winter months. One activity the weather cannot affect is shopping, and in Syracuse, you can visit the sixth-largest mall in the country: Destiny USA.

3. Enjoy the Fantastic Variety of Food

You can find almost any style of food imaginable in New York City. The main tips are to make sure the restaurant has been given an A rating by the NYC Health Department, avoid the big chains, and simply try anything and everything. Keep in mind that some of the cheaper restaurants that cater to locals are cash-only. The bagels, pizza, and burgers are legendary, but there are plenty of healthier options, too.

4. Save Money Getting Around NYC

In movies, if anyone wants to go somewhere in New York, odds are that he or she will jump into a cab. In reality, this is pretty expensive and often not that quick. An unlimited ride metro card will enable you to use the subway as much as you like for seven or 30 days and can save you a lot of money if you intend to move around the city regularly.

Make the most of your visit to New York by doing what the locals do. Get around cheaply on the subway, enjoy a range of local food, visit several different neighborhoods, and enjoy the more peaceful outdoor vibe of Syracuse. You’ll still have time to see some of the big attractions, but you’ll understand New York so much better this way.

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