3 Cool Things To Do in Miami

If you’re thinking of heading down to Florida, to catch some of the last warm weather before winter hits, then now is a great time to visit the vibrant city of Miami with its incredible nightlife, gastronomy and cocktail bars lining the shore.

Many people know Miami for its incredible beaches, yet in addition to spending time lounging around on the beach, another thing Miami is famous for is its incredibly culinary scene with many award winning restaurants that incorporate cuisine from all around the world, though the prolific latin influence is hard to miss.

Here are three cool things to do in Miami:


Miami is packed full with salsa music, and there are many opportunities to practice salsa for anyone ranging from beginners to pro dancers with some of the top salsa teachers in the US residing in this part of the world.  Indeed, Salsa is more than a dance it’s a state of being, and whilst popular fitness classes such as Zumba can prepare you for some of the moves, you haven’t experienced the true spirit of salsa until you’ve been to Miami.

A good place to check out is Ball & Chain, as there are free salsa lessons on a Tuesday night, plus on a Wednesday, women drink for free from 8pm to 10pm.


There are many options for boat rental Miami Beach that allow you to take to the ocean and benefit from the cool sea breeze and sense of freedom that accompanies having your own boat for a few hours, or days.  Indeed, from Miami, you could sail down to the keys and explore some tropical shores that are barely inhabited. Alternatively, in true Miami style, you could have a party on your boat with some great tunes and funky friends.

  3. EAT

The gastronomy scene in Miami is alive and eclectic; with various international options on offer, but none more popular than the cuban restaurants of Little Havana where you can get toasted cuban sandwiches, cuban coffee, pastelitos and the simple yet delicious arroz con polo.  Couple this with the perfect key lime pie and cuban inspired ice-cream Little Havana seems to be the place to get tasty, affordable and authentic food.

Of course, there are many other things to do than eat, drink, salsa and take to the water – but the great thing about Miami is that it’s one of those places where you don’t really need to do much to have a good time.  In fact, if you come with a planned itinerary or tick list of things to see and do you’re probably going to be robbed of the true experience Miami has to offer; it’s a place to just let go and get caught up in rather than plan out activities each day.

It’s a colourful climate with many quirky people, so keep your plans lose, go with the salsa like vibe and be a little more fluid than usual – as this way, you can go with the flow and end up experiencing much more than if you had planned things in advance.

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