Must-Visit Attractions in Colombia

Medelin Colombia

When you look at the last couple of years, you will soon see that Colombia has experienced a huge tourist boom. Flights have increased to the country and a lot of hotel chains have opened. Colombia has a huge range of wonderful landscapes too, so if you want to pay some of them a visit, then take a look below.


This is the second-biggest city in the whole of Colombia. It’s actually famous for its flower festival, the warm climate and even the Botero Museum too. All in all, Medellin has a huge number of things to do and even more things to see as well. There’s even a 650-foto rock that protrudes out of the land. If you are willing to climb up 700 steps, then you will soon be able to discover the best view in the world.

medelin top colombia attractions


Cali is the third-biggest city in Colombia and it is also filled with live bands, small bars and music too. The city really is the perfect place for you to take a step back in time and the history is very overwhelming to say the least. If you love learning about everything then you will certainly love this location. There are a few things to know before going to Colombia, and one of them is that they use the peso. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that you get a good exchange rate.

Cat statue in Cali, Colombia

Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is a huge ecosystem that covers a huge part of Columbia. It also passes over Brazil and Peru too. When you visit, you will soon find that it’s a very unique experience and that you can also witness communities who live there with hardly any material items at all. When you visit this location, you will soon find that it is able to offer you a life-changing experience. After all, you get to see first-hand how people are able to live with no running water or even electricity. You can also fish for piranhas or go on a boat trip if you’d like.

Amazon Rain forest Colombia


Cartagena is a city that is located on the Caribbean coast. At the end of the 16th century, a wall was constructed to stop the people who lived there from being robbed by pirates. You can actually go and see the wall as it stands today, as it’s absolutely stunning and filled with beautiful architecture. You can also walk along the wall and fort too, making it a truly wonderful experience overall.

Cartagena Colombia wall

Salt Cathedral

The Salt Cathedral was constructed in 1816 by miners who worked within the mine. They wanted an area to pray and that’s how the idea came about for the design. It quickly turned into a huge tourist attraction and it is made up of a number of attractions. You have the 3,000-seat cathedral and you also have the seven stations for the cross too. It even has a 3D movie theatre, a climbing wall, café, museum and as if that wasn’t enough, an art gallery.

Salt Cathedral Colombia

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