How To Prepare Yourself For Walking Tours

Going to a new city or location is always exciting, as there are plenty of new things to do or explore while in the area. While some people may opt to simply drive through the area and only scratch the surface of the local culture, others want to get more engrossed when exploring their vacation site. One of the best ways to do this is through a local walking tour. Walking tours are great, as you get to explore an area at a slower pace, allowing you to fully take in everything the area has to offer. Some of what you see on your walking tour might not even be famous sites as you walk, but people still love it because it fully engrosses them in the local culture. For example, a walking tour in Pittsburgh could take you by Roberto Clemente Bridge and Phipps Conservatory, or it could take you past a mundane row of Pittsburgh houses for sale. Despite walking tours being a great way to fully explore all aspects of a location, walking all day can be a tiring prospect. So how can you ensure that you are up to the task and can actually complete a tour on foot? Here’s how to prepare yourself for a walking tour.

Get In Walking Shape

The first thing you should do to prepare yourself for walking tours is to begin getting in walking shape. It’s unreasonable to expect your body to go from not walking at all to being able to immediately walk all day, so you’d best get your body in shape. Walking tours could have you on your feet for hours and can lead to your traversing several miles, a very hard task for someone that isn’t used to walking. If you really want to have no difficulty completing your walking tour, then you should be walking several days a week leading up to your walking tour. Doing so will ensure that your body is in shape come the day of the tour, and will ensure that you can still enjoy the tour without being in physical pain.

Switch Up Terrain

Sometimes it’s not enough to just simply walk a little to get in shape for your walking tour. You might have to walk through all different sorts of terrain on your tour, something that can add to the physical difficulty of the tour. For example, your tour may require you to walk up a massive hill, adding a great deal to the difficulty of the walk. If you’re someone who’s used to only walking on flat surfaces, walking on different terrain could lead to some problems and cause you to not enjoy your tour. Due to this, it’s in your best interest to switch things up and train on various terrains while preparing for your tour. 

Hydrate Well

Another important part of preparing for your walking tour is properly hydrating. When walking, you’re likely going to be sweating a lot due to the physical nature of the activity. If it’s extremely hot outside, the sun and heat will also cause you to sweat even further. As a result, you’ll need to hydrate well and drink lots of water in preparation for your tour. If you fail to hydrate well, you could become dehydrated and have a slew of negative side effects. These side effects could include exhaustion, headaches, or dizziness. Obviously, you want to avoid these side effects, so it’s best that you properly hydrate before your walking tour.

Stretch Beforehand

Right before you leave on your walking tour, you’ll probably want to stretch beforehand. Stretching before your walking tour does a variety of things for you, and can really make your tour more enjoyable. First, stretching can improve your energy and make it much easier for you to complete your entire walking tour. However, the biggest thing that stretching can provide you is injury prevention. You should stretch before doing any type of physical activity, as stretching makes your muscles more limber and less susceptible to being pulled. Stretching provides a lot of benefits before physical activity, so you should definitely integrate a stretching routine into your walking tour prep.

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