How To Have A Campervan Holiday With A Dog

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One of the many reasons that people choose to buy a campervan is so they can take their dog on holiday with them. Holidays can be tricky for dog owners. There are few hotels that accept dogs, and it’s tough to put your beloved pet in kennels while you’re away. If you have a campervan, they can come with you whether you’re going for a weekend adventure or a longer road trip.

Keeping Dogs Safe While You Travel

You know your dog best, so will know whether it will travel best restrained with a harness or in a container. Different countries have different laws about how a dog must be suitably restrained, so check the rules for wherever you plan to travel to. Restraining them protect you and them from being injured in an emergency stop or an accident. 

If you know your dog will travel best in a crate, take it with you when buying your campervan (see lots of different options at Austrack Campers) to make sure it will fit. 

Try training the dog to only use the side doors of the campervan. You could block access to the front cab. This way, if you have to open the front or rear doors, the dog won’t automatically see this as an invitation to leave the vehicle. 

Interior Design

Many campervans have light-coloured interiors to make the small space look larger. This is a challenge with a dog, as all the dirt they bring in will show up, making it harder to keep your upholstery looking clean. 

If you can opt for a customised interior, so you can choose the colour of your upholstery. Pick light charcoal, or something even darker, that won’t show paw prints. Choose a wipe-clean vinyl flooring, not carpet. 

Introducing The Van

If your dog travels well in the car, they’ll be fine in the campervan. They might even like it more thanks to the extra space. 

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Some dog owners like to acclimatise their dog to the campervan before they head off on a longer trip. Take a shorter trip, like to the beach or the woods, to see what your dog will need to feel most comfortable in the van. At the end of this test trip, reward your dog with a long walk. Keep treats in the camper, and your dog will soon be as keen as you are to set off in the van. 

Travel Essentials

Don’t forget your dog’s travel essentials. You will need:

  • Travel water and food bowls. Make sure water is available at all times.
  • Their usual food and treats
  • A plastic mat to go under bowls
  • Dog brush
  • Dog poo bags
  • Collapsing silicone bucket for paw washing
  • Old towels
  • Dog shampoo
  • Dog toys
  • Disinfectant spray


Make sure you find a campsite that welcomes dogs. Most do but look for one with more dog-friendly facilities like a dog walking area. Check for any restrictions when you arrive, like whether you need to keep the dog on a lead on site. 

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