3 Tips For Traveling During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has presented many challenges for those of us who love to travel and explore the world. The nomadic people among us have been itching to get away and feel free again, but have, of course, needed to stay home to keep themselves and others safe. Traveling during COVID-19 has been largely restricted by border controls, but as we enter the spring of 2021, things are beginning to ease in some parts of the world.

Even if travel restrictions are easing where you live, that doesn’t mean you can go totally back to normal. You will need to take precautions when traveling during the pandemic, and in this blog, we’re going to show you how.

Here are three tips for traveling during COVID-19. 

1. Bring More Masks Than You Think You’ll Need

Masks are, of course, an essential staple of travel during the pandemic. Most of us don’t leave the house without one nowadays; with mask rules being enforced in all public spaces, it is so important to always have one to hand! 

When you are traveling, either through an airport, a train station or by cab, it is so important to bring more masks than you think you’ll need. You should purchase cloth masks that can be washed, rather than disposable ones, because these are better for the environment. You can even get a smart mask that uses LED lights to show when you are speaking, adding accessibility and fun into the mix.

Why bring extra masks? Just like socks and underwear, you don’t know when you’ll have to change your mask last-minute. Overpacking on masks won’t do you any harm – but not bringing enough could put you at risk.

2. Be Gracious, Stay Spacious

One thing that is easy to forget about when  you are rushing through airport security or running for a train is social distancing. Traveling can be stressful, and sometimes our protocols go out of the window when we are trying to remember all our belongings and make it to our destination on time. Nevertheless, staying spacious away from others is the number one way to avoid contracting, or passing, coronavirus. 

Most modes of travel have already put social distancing signage and rules in place to enforce staying two metres apart; however, these rules will only be effective with full compliance. Make sure you are helping out by staying two metres apart from other travelers!

3. Bring Your Own Food

One easy way to reduce the chances of transmitting or contracting coronavirus while traveling is to bring your own food. Buying food in a restaurant is only going to increase your chances of coming into contact with COVID-19; by bringing your own meals, you can reduce your contact with others and keep to yourself more easily. Plus, you’ll save money too!

While it might seem like an extreme measure, it only takes one lapse in hygiene to contract the virus. Stay safe by bringing your own meals and staying two meters away from others.

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