What You Need To Know About First Time Travel

If you have a loved one who is about to travel on their own for the first time, you want to help them out as much as possible. But how do you know what information to share with them? This blog post will cover all the essentials that they need to know before they go. 

Highlight All the Essential Items To Carry

Do not forget to tell your loved ones about these essential items they need when traveling. If you are trying to help someone plan their first-time travel, here is a list of what you should highlight: 

  • Travel Insurance Card or copy of health insurance card/information page from Health Insurance Policy issued by insurer/policyholder name & contact details in case of emergency during travel period with 24 hours helpline number attached
  • Travel Documents: It is essential to know that all travel documents should be valid at least six months after the return date from the destination country. Moreover, if the passport has expired, then revalidate it and take a color photocopy as well 
  • Contact Details Listing: Prepare a list of contact numbers/addresses you may need during the journey. Keep emergency contact details of your friend/relative in case you must stay back

You can’t imagine how much your friend or family member will need to travel. The must-haves list is usually long: passport, driver’s license, money/credit cards, first aid kit, and medications if needed (generally, only those are the actual items). Therefore, make sure you get a suitable backpack from EcoGearFX.com for your packing needs. Other things you must consider depending on their destination include a local phone number in case of emergencies. 

Help in Picking the Destination and Accommodation

The first time you travel, it can be a little overwhelming, depending on the destination and your accommodations. Google searches may not always provide accurate or reliable information about what to expect when visiting certain places. Travelers should seek out advice from people who have been there before. 

These could be internet forums discussing their experiences at specific destinations, in-person conversations with friends who have traveled abroad before, or just asking those around them that work in foreign countries for recommendations of things to do during their visits. Of course, the more research one does beforehand, the better prepared they will feel once actually arriving at their location. 

Share Tips on How To Save Money for a Trip

The best way to save money for your first-time travel is to set up a savings account. You can do this by contacting your bank and setting up an automatic monthly transfer from checking into the new savings account. By doing this, you will not even feel the loss of cash as it comes out automatically every month without fail until you have enough for that initial deposit on airplane tickets or train/bus fare. 

Show Them How To Keep Safe While Traveling

If you’re going to travel with a child, they must know how to keep themselves safe in different situations. It is especially relevant if you are traveling abroad, and your children may not be as familiar with the cultural norms there. Make sure your kids understand what behavior is appropriate in public places, such as restaurants or stores. 

Teach them basic phrases like “hello” and “thank you.” It can also help let your children meet other young people their age who live near the area you are visiting, so they can learn how to make friends and get help if needed.


In conclusion, it is essential to ensure that your loved one will be well-prepared for their first-time travel. You need to consider several factors, from picking the destination and accommodation, sharing tips on how to save money, showing them how to keep safe while traveling, and finally accompanying them if possible.

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