2022 Goals! Things To Aim For Next Year

You never need a whole new year just to do something new or find things to aim for, but it feels fresh, doesn’t it? Like turning the page of a new notepad that hasn’t been written in yet. Your brand new turn of the calendar page is a new start; a fresh beginning and you get to write a whole new chapter in 365 pages. Personal growth is possibly the most rewarding thing that you can do for yourself this year, and there is nothing wrong with having goals for the year ahead.

Establishing monthly goals may not be your thing usually, but this is a whole new year, which means that you can make some great changes. You can start over; everyone gets a new chance at life being different. If you want to make changes, go on that Egypt vacation, turn a new leaf as a person; it’s all yours for the taking. You just have to be willing to stand up and make that change and be kinder to yourself for it. So, with this in mind, we’ve got some of the best goals that you could use for the next chapter of your life.

  1. Choose one book a month. It’s not always easy to find time to read a book per month but you could cover 12 books in a year if you give yourself the time. Read that bit again: give yourself the time! Life is packed with stuff to do from work to managing a social life, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give yourself an hour or so a week to devour a new book! In fact, it should be something you put forward for yourself in 2022: experience new books at a rate of one per month.
  2. Choose your body. The pandemic has made many of us feel like a hot mess, let’s be honest. You don’t need a new month or a new year to get fit, of course you don’t, but your progress can feel far more motivating when you are starting in January! What does your body need and what would make it feel good? You should think about what would make you feel good, and go and chase it. Respecting your body is so important and it’s never too late to get started.
  3. Declutter. Letting go of all of the things that you no longer use is going to give your home a new and fresh start. There is a lot of stuff that you can accumulate over the years so sweep your wardrobe, bin those old note papers and stop hoarding trinkets and paperwork you’ll never use. Now is the time to get rid of your old things and finish up 2022 with your house in order.
  4. Learn something new. A language, a skill – there are so many things that you could be learning in life right now and you have to give yourself the time and the chance to learn it. Get started on the degree that you have been wanting to start, take a class and learn a language and make a point of learning how to cook a new cuisine. Your ability to figure out new things will surprise you, you just have to be productive about it!
  5. Make a point of doing something crazy. Whether you hand glide over hills or you skydive over the ocean, you should make a point of doing something crazy next year. You can paintball or do a tour across the desert with a camel – whatever it is, you should choose now to do it. Your year deserves something that creates a fun memory and there are plenty of options out there.
  6. Put yourself out there. Getting to know someone new may not have been on your agenda for the year, but why not? You can get meeting up with new friends which will give you a whole new angle on your social life. You can learn so much about people and make memories when you put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to get to know new people, you never know what they would give you back in your life. 
  7. Practice giving yourself some grace. So many of the lists like this one will tell you that you should practice forgiveness for the people in your life. The thing is, you are not obliged to forgive anyone who has hurt you. Instead, you have to practice giving yourself some peace and a little grace, because it’s going to change your life to allow yourself to be at peace with how you feel.

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