Meet Ares The Dog Overlord

Lovingly called Dog From Hell, Ares is his human’s pride and joy. He’s a White Swiss German Shepherd that loves to play, go for long walks… anywhere and at any time, loves to eat and to play. Ares the dog sometimes confuses the eat and play parts of his activities, and this happens:

Ares and toys

He came to live with his human in December 2012 and within a few days of his arrival, he embarked on his very first journey. It was a road trip to the Romanian countryside to his human’s grandma and cousin. Ares was the first dog ever to be allowed inside that house. He jumped on the beds, slid under them, tried to eat fire wood, and did a lot of naughty stuff.

To this day, cars are his favorite. See exhibit A, where he happily watches his human’s friend drive them to the mountains. He hiked that day and ran up and down a mountain river, trying to drink all the water and barking at it because it was flowing downstream.

Ares in the car

Ares the Dog & Blogging

Because his human was always attached to her laptop and he spent so many hours watching her work every day, Ares the dog developed a passion for blogging and that is why you’ll see him writing on this blog every now and then. He’d do it more, but that’s not fitting for an overlord. His human minion should do it!

Ares pictured at an early age as he learned how to blog.
Ares pictured at an early age as he learned how to blog.

If you’re wondering, yes, the hierarchy is clear. Ares is the top dog and overlord of the Pet Travel Tales blog and his human’s life in general. Feel free to drop by and say hi to him as often as you want. He’s always up for a chat, snacks (carrots and celery root are big hits), and most definitely a walk.