Meet the Human

Hi everyone, Alina here! *waves all excited* I am the human doing all the hard work on this blog. And by hard work, I mean running around with my dog, having a good time 😀

Leaving all jokes aside, I am a writer, traveler, and coffee addict all the way from Romania. Eastern Europe. By he Black Sea. Close to Bulgaria and Hungary. Just around the Carpathian Mountains. Found me on the map yet? Yay! Now plan your trip to Romania, it’s wonderful here.

Doftana Valley, Prahova, Romania
Doftana Valley, Prahova, Romania

My first trip–which of course I don’t remember–was to the seaside when I was two and a half. It was followed by many other great vacations with my parents around the country. My first trip abroad was a tour of Hungary, Slovakia, the Check Republic, and Germany, and happened when I was thirteen. And that is when the big bad travel bug hit me!

Since then, I added more countries and a couple more continents to my travel adventures, but there still is a lot more to see! I blogged about it since around 2008 on my first blog, Travel Tweaks. But thins changed–I became an adult and decided I needed another dog in my life–and I needed a place to talk about my adventures traveling as a dog owner. Hence Pet Travel Tales! But blogging is not why I call myself a writer, although it’s a big part of it. I also happen to write books of the fiction novel variety. I won’t bore you with that, but if any of you wants to know more, here’s here to find my author site: Alina Popescu, Writer.

When I am not writing or traveling or attached to my dog, I am working, or hanging out with my loved ones, reading a lot, watching movies, trying complicated nail designs, sometimes even knitting, and generally doing my best to enjoy every second.

Hyde Park London
Hyde Park, London

My travel goals? See as much of the world as I can. For the past few years, although I’ve been traveling in the country and abroad for longer periods than before, my worked followed me (or told me where to go). Last year, for example, my travels were scheduled around three author events around Europe. So I’m always trying to find more and better ways of handling work on the road and enjoying the places I go to.

My other struggle? Finding do-friendly hotels. You’d say I am crazy and that it’s not easy. Have you seen Ares? He’s a little under 40 kilos, so in most cases he’s a few times over the small pet limit 😀 That’s another reason why I started this blog – I wanted to build a resource of places to see, things to do, and a lot of accommodation options for those traveling with pets in general and with large pets in particular.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll get to know each other better on the blog! Just stay tuned <3